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BOSTON DINING/ FINE AMERICAN FOOD/ Cenar en Boston / Buena comida americana

Good morning everybody, to start the week I want to tell you something about a very typical American restaurant: "The Union Oyster House" in Boston, Massachusets, USA.  This is for American people who want to go around the north-east of the USA, for Canadian people because they are not very far and for people of the rest of the world who like travelling.

Buenos días a todo el mundo, para empezar la semana quiero contaros algo sobre un restaurante americano muy típico:  "The Union Oyster House" en Boston, Massachusets, USA.  Para los americanos que quieran recorrer el noreste de los Estados Unidos, para los canadienses porque no están muy lejos y para gente del resto del mundo a la que le guste viajar.

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Boston is basically the city in which modern American history started and it is home to the United States' oldest operating restaurant:  THE UNION OYSTER HOUSE which first opened in 1826 and it is still going strong today! You will find there a Bar and a Restaurant.

**THE UNION OYSTER HOUSE ( is in downtown Boston, at 41 Union Street, on the tourist circuit.  They have a gift shop which also sells the popular "Union Oyster House Cookbook".

**The restaurant serves New England seafood favorites (marisco tradicional) such as clam chowder (guiso de almejas), lobster (langosta) and of course, oysters (ostras).

**THE UNION OYSTER BAR is a popular tourist attraction.  The semicircular Oyster Bar that gave the restaurant its name is on the ground floor.

**The restaurant also occupies the upstairs area and a building next door.  It is a labyrinth of wooden benches (bancos de madera) on creaking (que crujen) floorboards (tablas) under a low ceiling (techo). Booth (reservado) number 18 was regularly used by John F. Kennedy and members of the Kennedy dynasty still eat there today!!!


**The restaurant opened in 1826 but the building is even older.  Before the restaurant, there was a store (tienda) there.  The Boston waterfront (muelle) reached (llegaba hasta)  the store's back door.

**In 1771, The Massachusetts Spy Newspaper (one of the first papers in the USA) was published from the upper floor (piso de arriba).

**A future King of France lived on the second floor in 1796.  The exiled (el exiliado)Louis Philippe earned a living (se ganaba la vida)  by teaching French to Boston's young ladies.

**The toothpick (el palillo) was first used at he UNION OYSTER HOUSE.  In order to promote his new business, the importer of the wooden sticks from South America paid Harvard students to dine at the restaurant and ask for toothpicks.

**The restaurant has had three owners in its 183 years of history.  For the last 40 years it has been in the hands of Joseph "Joe" Milano, an Italian American who is the Honorary Consul of Thailand in Boston


If you go to THE UNION OYSTER HOUSE, ask for OYSTERS (if you like them, of course), THE CLAM CHOWDER, LOBSTER prepared in many different ways and mainly the lobster scampi-style (langosta rebozada con limón, vino blanco y perejil) and seafood in general.

And  right now I only have to say: ENJOY YOUR MEAL!!!  and your visit to Boston!


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