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B2 English Tests / Pruebas de Inglés nivel B2

Hi my dear friends, today we're going to do some English tests to practice the B2 level. 

Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy vamos a hacer algunas pruebas de Inglés para practicar el nivel B2.


Exercise 1
Read the following text and decide which answer A,B,C or D best fits the gap. 


Rachel Grant looks like a normal teenager, but she is far from average. She has an extraordinary voice. Her fans stand in (1)_____ for hours to get tickets for her concerts and she is often on television. Rachel's singing (2)_______began when she acted on a TV show at the age of 10. The director of a record company was so impressed by her voice that he (3)____ her up on the spot. Her first album rose to number one in the charts.

Rachel still  goes to school in her home town when she can. (4)_____, she is often away on tour for weeks at a time. She doesn't miss out on lessons because she takes her own tutor with her! She (5)____ three hours every morning with her. Her exam marks in all the (6)____ she studies are impressive.

But how does she (7) ____ with this unusual way of life? She (8) ____  that she has the same friends as before. That may be true  but she can no longer go into town with them because everybody stops her in the street to asf for an (9)____  . It seems that, like most stars, she must learn to (10)____  these restrictions and the lack of privacy. It's the price of fame!

1 A rows    B queues    C ranks    D files
2 A profession  B  job  C labour  D career
3 A signed  B wrote  C made  D picked
4 A Although  B While  C For  D However
5 A takes  B utilises  C spends  D uses
6 A titles  B materials  C subjects  D lessons
7 A cope  B adjust  C bear  D tolerate
8 A denies  B refuses  C insists  D complains
9 A signature  B autograph  D sign  D writing
10 A look down on  B make do with  C put up with  D run out of

Read the text below and think of the word that best fits the gap. Use only ONE word in each space.


You're searched all over the house but you still can't find your keys and you're late. (11)________this sounds familiar, follow this advice to make sure it never happens again. Stop and think about where to start looking. Don't start searching (12) ________any idea of where the lost item could (13)_____.

Lost items are often in the place they should be. Have a look in the place where it's supposed to be first. Someone might (14)______put it away for you.

Relax and take another look. When you're in (15) _____agitated state of mind, it's quite possible to see the item you've lost but (16)_____ notice it. Take a deep breath and look properly.

Look under everything. The item you're looking for could be hidden from view, it may be under a newspaper (17)_____ it may have fallen off the table. Check carefully in, under, on and beside the place where the object is usually kept.

Retrace your steps. Take a few moments (18)______ to think about when and where you last had the object. Go back to that place and search it thoroughly.

Ask for a little help. Check that (19) _______ else hasn't taken it. You'll (20)______ yourself valuable time and lots of effort searching when something isn't really lost, but has been "borrowed".




1 B   /   2 D  /  3 A  /  4 D  /  5 C  /  6 C  /  7 A  /  8 C  /  9 B  /  10 C


11 if
12 without
13 be
14 have
15 an
16 not
17 or
18 to
19 someone
20 save



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