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THE GRAMMAR CORNER /IMPERATIVES, INFINITIVES AND -ING FORMS/ El rincón de la gramática/imperativos, infinitivos y formas terminadas en -ing.

Hi again and welcome to this new English grammar corner, today we're going to see how to use imperatives, infinitives and -ing forms.
Hola otra vez y bienvenidos al rincón de la gramática inglesa, hoy vamos a ver cómo utilizar los imperativos, infinitivos y formas terminadas en -ing.

We use imperatives for giving advice and instructions.
Utilizamos los imperativos para dar consejos e instrucciones.

-Run early in the evening, it's better
-Meet me at six o'clock.
-Always wear comfortable shoes.
-Never run at midday in summer.

TO DO NEGATIVE SENTENCES IS EASY TOO.  Put DON'T before the verb and you've got it.
Para hacer frases negativas, es fácil también.  Se pone DON'T delante del verbo y lo tenéis.

-Don't come late.
-Don't tell Peter.

We use infinitives with to:
*After verbs like : hope, want, have, would like.
-I hope to see you soon.
-She doesn`t want to go home.
-They have to stay at the hotel.
-Would you like to have a drink?

*After something, anything, nothing.
-Would you like something to drink?
-Have you got anything to wear?
-There is nothing to eat.

We use infinitives without "to" :
*after the special verbs, can, could, will, would.
-I can speak English.
-Could you speak slowly?
-It will snow tomorrow.
-What would you like?

*after Let's...
-Let's go dancing!
-Let's play cards!
-Let's sing a song.

We use -ing forms:
*after the verbs like (when it is a hobby or sport, if not you'll put infinitive with TO), love, hate, enjoy.
-I love swimming.
-Lucy likes playing basket.
-I hate skating.
-Paul enjoys playing with his friends.

*in progressive tenses.
-I'm writing a book.
-What are they doing?  They are having lunch.

*after all prepositions.
-I'm good at running.
-Thank you for coming.
-Before going out, study.


1-¡No comas caramelos!
2-Ven aquí por favor.
3-¿Te gustaría venir a mi fiesta?
4-Mary tiene que pintar un cuadro.
5-Hará calor mañana.
6-Después de comer, iremos al cine.
7-Me encanta ir al teatro.
8-¡Vamos a ver una peli!
9-Espero verte mañana.
10-Quiero salir con mis amigos esta noche.
11-¡Estudia más!


1 Don't eat any sweets!
2 Come here please.
3 Would you like  to come  to my party?
4 Mary has to paint the painting.
6 After having lunch, we will go to the cinema.
7 I love going to the theatre.
8 Let's go and see a film!
9 I hope to see you tomorrow.
10 I want to go out with my friends tonight.
11 Study more!


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