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FASHION / CASUAL TRENDS/WOMEN AND MEN Moda/ Tendencias "casual" Mujer y Hombre

WOMEN AND MEN SUMMER FASHION TRENDS  / Tendencias de moda de verano para mujer y hombre CASUAL WEAR

Hi everybody, let's look at some fashion trends "IN SUMMER, BE CASUAL".
Hola a todo el mundo, veamos algunas tendencias de moda:  "EN VERANO SÉ CASUAL/SPORT".

In my opinion, summer is a casual season.  Although we were working, we don't need to be formal.  Casual wear is permitted in summer offices.
En mi opinión, el verano es una estación informal /sport.  Aunque estemos trabajando, no necesitamos ser formales.  La moda sport está permitida en las oficinas en verano,

Tomad nota de estas ideas.

**Wear organic or eco-materials like  cotton, linen and even bamboo.
**Sand (arena) colours (beige, light brown, chocolate, light orange, dark green).
**Brown T-shirts combined with beige shorts and beige leather sandals.
**Casual skirts.  Short, long, beige, green colour with long white blouses and leather belts.
**Big brown leather handbags.

**Short print (estampado) white and green dresses.  
**Orange, yellow or even purple bracelets.
**Long brown jackets.
**Straw hats (sombreros de paja).

You can wear all these clothes only one colour or combined among them.

Play with colours and clothes.

If you have to work this summer, try this "casual wear" at the office.  It is an urban style that will suit you perfectly!!

**You can eliminate the elements quite casual as straw hats and leave them to go out with friends, for example.

It is the same.  Try the casual wear.  It's perfect for you!! 
**Use organic materials like cotton, linen and even bamboo.
**Use sand colours (brown, beige, dark green) in trousers and shirts.
**Leather belts.
** Pirate trousers.
**Beige or brown leather shoes without socks.
**White long shirts.
** Big print (estampadas)  T-shirts.
**Straw hats (sombreros de paja)

**You can eliminate the elements very much  casual at work like straw hats or pirate trousers which you can wear to go out with friends.


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