miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

FEET AND HANDS BEAUTY TRENDS/ tendencias de belleza para piés y manos.

Hi my dear bloggers, some more  fashion points about our hands and feet for this summer.
Hola mis queridos bloggers, algunos apuntes de moda más para nuestras manos y piés para este verano.

Pasión fluor  /  Uñas de piés y manos.

**INDISCREET HAND NAILS / Uñas de las manos "indiscretas".
This season, nail varnish is an essential accesory to paly with colours and to combine with "the summer star looks".
Forget the same colour on hands and feet.  Take a risk!  What about orange and purple?  Or turquoise blue and yellow?  How about fluor colours?  On short, square nails are great! 
An advice:  if you want to look younger, cut your hand nails square because the round way is for older women!!

**NAKED FEET / pies desnudos.
After a lot of months into our shoes, at last it's time to show our feet!  We must look after them if we want to have a good look!  I know that it's difficult because of hot, dry weather but we must try it.  Use a moisturizing cream every day, special feet creams better, protect them and paint your nails too.

Before painting your feet nails, put a protective base on them, then paint them with a nail varnish (twice) and finally apply a gloss.
A pair of beautiful sandals and our perfect feet are the best comination!!

**BEAUTIFUL HANDS /manos bonitas.
We are looking at our feet much more cause we haven't seen them until now but our hand nails are really important too and all year!
We have to take care of them every day too.
Cut and  file your nails.  If you like to paint them, so do the same operation than with your feet.
If you don't like it, cut, file and polish them.  Use a moisturizing cream and your nails will look great!

**DON'T FORGET THE FLUOR COLOURS:  yellow, blue, green, purple, violet, pink, red.
A lot of trade marks offer these fashion colours, for example:  Maybelline, Astor, L'Oréal and Bourjois.


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