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Hi my favourite friends, once again with you.  As we are in summer, here you are some new ideas for your travels.  I hope you will like them!.

I know that a travel to New York is an important decision but as I say a lot of times, nowadays you can find very good offers on the Internet to travel and stay at a cheap price, so look for it and then don't miss my suggestions! All of them are curious places!

TO EAT / comer.
**JOHN DORY BAR.  Next to Times Square, this Ace Hotel and its Oyster Bar is a marvellous place to look around.  At the lobby of the hotel, you can see  bloggers who are writing their posts and having a drink or something to eat.
There you can eat oysters (of course) salted "brioches" and a variety of snacks and dishes.
1196 Broadway New York.

**ABC KITCHEN.  During the day this place is a "furniture shop" but at night it becomes a fashion restaurant.  The decoration is nice and the cooking too.
35 E 18th Street.

**Anyway, in New York city there are plenty of places to eat .  If you want the cheapest ones, look for "Delis".    Here you are going to find a lot of fresh  vegetables , fruit, and cooked food.  These special food shops are usually run by Indian people and the quality is really good. It's an excellent option!

**EAT A BAGGEL.  A baggel is a round bun (bollito) which can be salty (salado) or sweet and  it's a typical American food.  Its origin is Jewish (judío) and has become a  real New Yorker  food.  Taste it! (¡probadlo!)  It's really good!
There are a lot of places in which you can eat them, for example, at MacDonalds but there is a restaurant called "Eat a Baggel" which was the first one to make them and which is the authentic baggel restaurant! In New York they suffer from "baggelmania" because New Yorkers eat baggels almost every day.
** CHINATOWN.  The best imitation watches in the world can be found in Chinatown. Rolex, TagHeur and all trade marks that you could imagine are there and at a real economical price.

**In Times Square, there are a lot of small shops in which you can buy T-shirts, shorts, jeans, etc.  The price is not expensive.  For music lovers, this is the place too.  There are music shops like VIRGIN or other smaller that are excellent to see and  buy old and new CDs, records, DVDs, videos, etc.

**5th Avenue.  The most expensive street in New York.  Walk up and down and see TIFFANY's, THE DISNEY SHOP, a lovely shop where you can find all Disney products that you can imagine! And many exclusive boutiques along the street.

**PROJECT Nº 8.  It is an "alernative shop".  You can buy there, clothes, jewels, books, etc. Really curious!
138 Division Street.

For shopping, New York is a paradise!! and For many more things!!

If you finally decide to go to New York, you'll never forget the experience!    When I was there I was very much impressed!     American people are very kind to visitors and tourists and if you don't speak English, don't worry, there are so many Latins that you don't need English at all!!!

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