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LONDON'S HIDDEN MUSEUMS / THE MAGIC CIRCLE MUSEUM / Museos escondidos de Londres/ El Museo del Círculo Mágico.

Hi my dear friends, here again and today to look at one of these hidden museums in London which are so interesting!  the Magic Circle Museum, one of the places I suggest you to visit if you go to this marvellous city.
Let's go !

Hola mis queridos amigos, otra vez aquí y hoy para mirar hacia uno de estos museos escondidos de Londres que son ¡tan interesantes! el Museo del Círculo Mágico, uno  de los lugares que os sugiero visitar si vais a esta maravillosa ciudad.
¡Allá vamos!

photo: of my own

                                              A MAGICAL MYSTERY  TOUR 

                                              THE MAGIC CIRCLE MUSEUM

The Magic Circle was formed in London in 1905 by a group of magicians who wanted to protect their secrets.

Over 100 years later it is the most famous magic society in the world, with members including David Copperfield and Prince Charles.

Today, their hidden headquarters are in a small cobbled street in central London.  A series of magnificent rooms, including a thatre, library and The Magic Circle Museum, show the history of magic and illusion.

But don't expect to learn all the tricks of the trade.  The Magic Circle's motto is "INDOCILIS PRIVATA LOQUI", meaning "not apt to disclose secrets".


**Houdini handcuffs.

The famous escapologist Harry Houdini first came to London in 1900.
After escaping from Scotland Yard's strongest manacles, he became known as the "Handcuff King".

**Prince Charles's cups and balls.  To become a member of The Magic Circle, you need to show your skills as a magician.  Prince Charles performed the old "cups and balls"  routine when he joined in 1975.

**Maurice Fogel's rifles.

The bullet catch trick is perhaps the most dangerous in magic.  While most magicians are happy to catch one bullet, Fogel would catch six!!!

**Robert Harbin's Zig Zag Lady.

One of magic's most famous illusions.  A woman steps into a cabinet and appears to be sliced into three parts by a blade, only to emerge unharmed.


**ADDRESS:  12 Stephenson Way, London NW1  2 HD

**ENTRY:  by appointment only.  Two evenings a month you can explore the building, including a tour of the museum, presentation on the history of magic and stage show in The Magic Circle Theatre.


**ONLINE:  website:


-COBBLED STREET:   calle adoquinada.
-TRICK:  truco.
-TRADE:  oficio.
-HANDCUFFS:  esposas.
-TO MANACLE:  esposar.
-TO SLICE:  cortar en rebanadas.
-BLADE:  cuchilla.
-MOTTO:  lema
-TO DISCLOSE:  revelar

Information from the magazine Speak Up.




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