martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

SUMMER EYES FASHION /ojos a la moda en verano

Hi my dear ladies, here I'm again to share with you some of the last summer  eyes trends. But I must tell you that you have to be really daring!!
Saludos mis  queridas amigas, aquí estoy otra vez para compartir con vosotras algunas de las últimas tendencias del verano para nuestros ojos.  Pero debo deciros que tenéis que ser ¡realmente atrevidas!

¿Qué tal el amarillo?

**Yes my dear friends, yellow is a very fashion colour this summer and believe me, it's very beautiful!
Sí amigas mías, el amarillo es un color muy de moda este verano y creedme, ¡es muy bonito!

**Yellow is a  vital colour, it is also stimulating and make you feel better because it is very similar to the sun rays.  The effect on you is going to be possitive and bright!

**Try a yellow make-up or a yellow cream and you'll be plenty of optimism!!  Of course, I'm talking about a soft yellow colour!


EYES: you have to apply a very thin yellow line just on your upper(superiores) eyelashes (pestañas) roots (raíces) to illuminate your look (you can do it with an eye pencil or an eye shadow) .  Then apply on your eyelid a very soft yellow shadow or a natural one.
A light  yellow shadow is fantastic to hide (disimular) red eyes or eyelids with a lot of little veins (venitas). Look for your yellow shadows in "BOURJOIS", "YVES -SAINT- LAURENT" and "ASTOR".

FACE:   After(después) making you up with your usual make-up(maquillaje)  or  powder (polvos compactos) and  to illuminate your face, put a little touch of light yellow make-up  or powder on your forehead (frente), cheeks (mejillas) and chin (barbilla) .  You will look really bright!!  Look for your yellow make-up or powder in "NARS", "L'ORÉAL", "YVES SAINT LAURENT" or "BOURJOIS".

NAILS (uñas):  Paint your nails yellow, although it is better if you have a sun tan (bronceada) and on your feet nails may be nicer.  "CND Colour" has a fantastic  nail polish (esmalte) in yellow. And surely you'll find it in BOURJOIS and ASTOR. 

LIPS (labios) :  you can use a yellow  wet effect gloss  on your lips too!!  "GLAM SHINE FRESH"  by L'Oréal has got it.

As we have been talking before, fluor colours are a "must" this summer and yellow is one of them.  Don't be afraid of yellow!!  You will get very surprised if you try it!!


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