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EASY ENGLISH / GRAMMAR EXERCISES/ Inglés fácil/ Ejercicios de Gramática

Hi everybody, here you are some easy exercises for you to practise a little bit!
Hola a todo el mundo, aquí tenéis unos ejercicios fáciles para que practiquéis ¡un poquito!

1.- PUT IN THE BLANKS THE CORRECT PREPOSITION /Poned en los huecos en blanco la preposición correcta. (at, in, on)
a) I live ___ 14 St Andrew's Place.
b) My father lives ___ a small house ___ North London.
c) My girlfriend's flat is ___ the seventh floor.
d) Do you live ___ a house or a flat?
e) Where's the toilet, please? ___ the second floor.
f) Is there a doctor near here? Yes, ___  37 High Street.
g) I lived ___ America from 1976 to 1078.
h) She lives ___  Pentonville Road.

2.- WRITE live or lives.
a) My Aunt Sally ______ in New Jersey.
b) Where do you _____?
c) We _____ at 141 Riverside Avenue, Cardiff.
d) My brother's wife _____ in Chicago.
e) The Prime Minister ____ at 10 Downing Street.

a) ¿Hay un banco en tu calle?  Sí, hay dos.
b) ¿Hay una piscina cerca de tu casa? Sí.
c) ¿Hay un sillón en tu habitación? No.
d) ¿Hay un televisor en tu salón) Sí.
e) ¿Hay una parada de autobús en tu calle? No.
f) ¿Hay elefantes en India? Sí, muchos.
g) ¿Hay pingüinos en Brasil? No.
h) ¿Hay un gato en tu casa? No, hay un periquito.

4.- MAKE QUESTIONS.  Use Is there.../ Are there...?
1.- lions / Uganda  ?>
2.- a hotel  / your street  ?>
3.- camels  /  Argentina  ?>
4.- a fridge  /  your kitchen ? >
5.- crocodiles  /  Texas ? >

5.- WRITE IN THE BLANKS:  he, she,  him, her,  it,  they,  them.
1.- Where are my pencils?  ____ are on the table.
2.- John's nice, I like ____ a lot.
3.- Have you got any dogs? No, I don't like _____.
4.- Is Mary at home? Yes, _____ is.  Can I talk to ____, please? Yes, of course.
5.- Where are your notebooks?  Lucy's got _______.
6.- Mary Likes Paul, but he doesn't like ______ much.
7.- Are your children here?  Yes,  _____ are in the garden.
8.- Do you like swimming? I hate _____.
9.- Do you like hamsters? No, I don't like _____ at all.
10.- What do you think of John? I quite like ______.


Four people work in an office:  two women and two men.
Anne likes Catherine, but she dislikes the two men.
Peter doesn't like the person that Anne likes, but he likes Anne.
Only one person likes Catherine.
John likes two people.One person doesn't like Anne.  WHO IS IT?



a) at
b) in  /  on
c) on
d) in
e) on
f) at
g) in
h) on

a) lives
b) live
c) live
d) lives
e) lives

a) Is there a bank in your street? Yes, there are two.
b) Is there a swimming-pool near your house? Yes, there is.
c) Is there an armchair in your bedroom? No, there isn't.
d) Is there a television in your sitting-room? Yes, there is.
e) Is there a bus stop in your street? No, there isn't.
f) Are there any elephants in India? Yes, a lot.
g) Are there any penguins in Brazil? No, there aren't.
h) Is there a cat in your house? No, there is a budgie.

1 Are there any lions in Uganda?
2 Is there a hotel in your street?
3 Are there any camels in Argentina?
4 Is there a fridge in your kitchen?
5 Are there any crocodiles in Texas?

1 they
2 him
3 them
4 she  /  her
5 them
6 her
7 they
8 it
9 them
10 him


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