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SHOPPING IN PARIS and other things.

Hi my dear friends, here I'm again.  Summer time is also  here!  So, today I'm going to tell you some advices if you visit Paris.  Shopping and more!
Hola, queridos amigos, aquí estoy otra vez.  ¡El verano  también está aquí! Así que, hoy voy a daros algunos consejos por si visitáis París.  ¡De compras y más!

Paris is more expensive than London, in fact, it's one of the most expensive European capitals to go to, but as you know, you can take a low cost flight and save some money.  You can look at the Internet offers and choose the best one.

I'm not going to speak about tourists' guide or something like that, because it is supposed that you have got one or that you have contracted a guided travel, so here you can see some recommended places to stay, to eat and to go shopping.

TO STAY  OR SIMPLY HAVE A REST / Para alojarse o simplemente descansar.

**LE ROYAL MONCEAU.  It is  a modern art place.  Decorated by Phillipe Starck, it is perfect to promote new art.
ADDRESS:  37, Avenue Hoche, Paris.

**LE CITIZEN.  This one is a cheaper place.  It has got an excellent design.
ADDRESS:    96 Quai de Jemmapes.

**LE PAVILLON DES LETTRES.  For poetry and writers lovers!  Each room has a letter and a writer or poet's text.
ADDRESS: 12 rue Saussales.

TO GO SHOPPING/  ir de compras.

**If you are  a fashion victim, your shop to go to is "COLETTE" but if you are a trend hunter, your best place to visit is "MERCI".  This shop offers "vintage" clothes and furniture  even craft soaps (jabones artesanos), and a wide range of other articles.  Don't miss it! (no os la perdáis)
ADDRESS:  111 Boulevard Veaumarchais.

**UNIQLO.  It's a real curious shop.  Here you can find the articles and clothes that the designer Jil Sander makes for the "Zara"'s  Japanese competitor.
ADDRESS:  17 rue Scribe.

**GALERIES VALOIS.  Situtated into the Royal Palace gardens, it has become the coolest shop! You can find here a mix of trends.  The vintage style by Didier Ludot, the avant-garde by Rick Owens and the "savoir faire" by Corto Moltedo (marvellous shoes).
ADDRESS:  36 rue de Seine.

TO EAT / comer.

In Paris you'll find a lot of places to eat.  They are famous for their wonderful "cuisine".  The following places are good, special and fashion.  Don't miss some of them!

**YAM'TCHA.  If you like the oriental food this is your restaurant. A very good quality! 
46 rue Sauval.

**LE CHATEAUBRIAND.  This restaurant is owned by Iñaki Azpitarte, a  35-year-old Spanish chef. His proposal is an excellent "cuisine" but with cheaper prices.  His restaurant is considered one of the best in the world. So, although prices are popular at the same time it may be expensive for a lot of people.
ADDRESS:  129-131 Av. Parmentier.

French people are well-known by their "pattisseries" (cake-shops).  The "macarons" and "éclair" are two famous French cakes that you can taste at this Pattisserie des Rêves.  Excellent quality!.
ADDRESS: 111 rue de Longchamp and 72 rue Bonaparte.

 (Information about some of these places from "Mujer hoy" magazine)

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