jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011


Buenos días amigos, os deseo paséis un jueves estupendo y aquí os dejo dos poemas en inglés.
No suenan igual que en español pero son curiosos.
Enjoy them!   ¡Que los disfrutéis!

if it rains
I will dance in the rain with you.

If it snows
we will make snow pancakes
and eat them together.

If it is cold
I will warm myself
with your smile.

If it is hot
I will cool myself
with your slow clear voice.

If there is fog
I will be happy
to lose myself for a time.
(But please
come and find me
won't you?)

**What a nice love poem!   Don't you think so?

If you are beautiful
when you grow up
we will be pleased.
And if you look like your father
we will still be quite pleased.

If you are angry at the world
we will understand.

If you fight us
we will try
not to fight back.

If you grow up
to be an artist
an airline pilot
or an import-export-expert
that will be fine.
Shop assistant
sheep farmer
professor or palaeontology
will be great.
Anything you want to be
will be fine
(except advertising
or the military).

If you become rich and famous
don't worry.
We will not be too proud
to live on your money.

If you marry
marry anybody you want to
we will not mind
it will be your decision
you will be absolutely free.
Nobody will be good enough for you anyway.
don't marry somebody we don't like).

If you realise
one day
that your parents are idiots *(aquí idiot va en plural porque es un nombre no un adjetivo)
we hope you will tell us
in the nicest possible way.

Have a good life.

** What a sarcastic family poem!

** Which are your opinions or comments about these poems?  Do you like them?  Don't you like them? Which of them do you like most?

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