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Hi my dear friends, today we're going to continue with our Trinity College Tests. We're doing one of the reading and writing tasks of Trinity ISE II (B2) examination, the MULTI-TEXT part. At the end of the test, you'll find the solutions. 

Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy vamos a continuar con nuestros Tests del Trinity College. Vamos a hacer una de las pruebas del  examen escrito del Trinity ISE II (B2), el Multi-Text. Al final del test, encontraréis las soluciones. 


MULTI-TEXT EXERCISETask 2.  Read the following texts about "The bad Roman influence" and answer the questions.

The title of Peter Jones' book "Vote for a Caesar", how the ancient Greeks and Romans solved the problems of today", is itself explanatory. He believes that if we study the Greeks and Romans, we can be great like them.  Greek and Latin are often cited as the best languages:  they are more complete and accurate than modern languages. These claims are nonsense.

The Romans and Greeks had as many problems as we do. They were greedy, genocidal and cruel to animals. Perhaps that is why we like them: their errors, as well as their achievements, are familiar. Empires come and go, but it was the Romans who deveoped the systematic exploitation of colonies. Their phenomenal military machine enslaved natives, extracted resources and generated taxes.

The Romans gained luxuries: cheap food, wine, bathing and sanitation. Slaves provided labour, skills and entertainment (gladiatorial and sexual)  This model of empire led to European colonization;  the slave trade, exploitation of Africa and the Americas.  The US cotton industry and the Industrial Revolution.  At the opening of the Colosseum, 5,000 animals were killed. In one hunting spectacle, they massacred hundreds of lions, leopards and bears and thousands of ostriches, deer and wild boars.

The Romans invented sporting celebrities. We may not allow gladiatorial fights, but today's boxing and Formula One echo that fatal thrill.  Danger was not enough. The Romans turned Greek sports into gambling extravaganzas. Fortunes were won and lost at the Circus Maximus, as in horse racing today. We don't kill people on TV, but Big Brother has something in common with the voyeurism of throwing Christians to the lions.

QUESTIONS 1-5.  Read the following statements and decide which text each title refers to.

1 The Latin Touch                        _____
2 Games and gambling                 _____
3 Animals pushed to extinction    _____
4 A terrible human exploitation    _____
5 Romans are similar to us            _____

QUESTIONS 6-10.  Choose five TRUE statements from A-H.

6 _____     A   No influence can be found from Romans in our society.
7 _____     B   Romans bet at the time, huge amounts of money.
8 _____     C   The most accurate languages ever are Latin and Greek.
9 _____     D   Romans and Greeks weren't cruel at all.
10_____    E   Such a cruelty against animals is unthinkable nowadays.
                  F   Romans didn't have any colonies to exploit.
                  G   Romans invented and promoted slavery.
                  H   Some programmes on TV today can be compared with the Roman Circus.

QUESTIONS 11-15.  Find a suitable word or phrase in the texts to complete the missing information, Use no more than 3 words.

11  If we study the Greeks and Romans we can become ______________ like them.
12  Colonies were totally exploited by ____________.
13  More than _______________ were massacred at the Colloseum.
14  Sports like __________remain the gladiator fights.
15  Labour was provided by _________.



1 A  2 D  3 C  4 B  5 D

6 B  7 C  8 G  9 E  10 H

11 great  / 12 Romans / 13 5,000 / 14 boxing and F1 / 15 slaves


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