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Hi my dear friends, are you fond of running or doing any exercise? Do you like listening to music while jogging or  running? Today we are going to know more about Running and Music.  I hope you'll like it!

Hola mis queridos amigos, ¿sois aficionados a correr o a hacer ejercicio? ¿Os gusta escuchar música mientras camináis o corréis? Hoy vamos a saber más sobre  Música y Correr . ¿Espero que os guste! 

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Many runners and gym members feel that music makes exercise more enjoyable.  However, they might not know that scientists have found some kinds of music can improve people's energy by 15 per cent.  This was discovered by Dr. Costas Karageorghis at Brunel University's School of Sport and Education.  Karageorghis has worked with organisations such as Nike and with many champion athletes.  In the study,  thirty people listened to inspiring music by Queen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Madonna.  They did exercise at the same time.


When they were doing exercise in time with the music, people showed higher energy levels.  Even when they were positive about how they felt.  When people are doing exercise, their nerves send messages saying that their body is getting tired. However, when they are listening to music at the same time,these messages are blocked. Karageorghis thinks this is because the music causes part of the brain to send different messages to the body that make it feel happy and relaxed.


Karageorghis' work shows that different types of music can have different effects on different people. The effect of some music can also depend on how tiring the exercise is. People who have extrovert personalities prefer faster and louder kinds of music compared to people who have a reserved personality.  This is because, for the music to have an effect, the brains of extrovert people need more stimulation than the brains of reserved people.  Reserved people want to feel less worried and so have better results when the music makes them feel relaxed.

The doctor was asked to provide music for the "Run to the Beat" half marathon in the UK, and which has also now started in other countries. "I also have lots of other exciting projects that I am working on," says Karageorghis.

One of these is to find out if the speed of the music we listen to has an effect on our heart rate while we exercise.



-ENJOYABLE: placentero.
-TO PROVIDE: suministrar.
-HEART RATE: ritmo cardíaco.
-HOT: picante
-TIRING : cansado.

EXERCISEWrite the correct word in the gaps. The first letter and a description are given to help you.

a) Many athletes feel that music makes exercise more  e______________(pleasant)
b) Scientists have  p___________(demonstrated) that music has a positive effect on energy levels.
c) Music has a direct  e_______ (influence) on the brain.
d) People with different  a________ (dispositions) need different kinds of music.
e) Reserved people need to listen to slower and more  p_______ (soothing) music.
f) Dr Karageorghis was asked to  p________ (supply) music for the half marathon in the UK.


a) enjoyable   b) proved  c) effect  d) attitudes  e) peaceful  f) provide


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