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Hi my friends, today we're going to look at Hollywood and at  Leonardo Dicaprio. He is not only a handsome man but a marvellous actor and a better person.

Hola amigos, hoy vamos a mirar a Hollywood y a Leonardo Dicaprio. No solo es un hombre guapo sino un actor maravilloso y mejor persona.


A fluid and instinctive actor with the face of an angel, according to "Entertainment Weekly", Leonardo DiCaprio was, at the age of 22, the most famous actor in the world. Now 42, the once precocious adolescent-looking star has matured into a 6ft-tall powerhouse, a first-class actor who demands to be taken seriously.

In 2016, DiCaprio won his first Oscar, although he had appeared in many Oscar-winning films.  Yet the secret to his success, as he confessed to "Time Out", was to always feel like an "outsider" in Hollywood!


Born in the neighbourhood of East Hollywood to a legal secretary and a comic book artist, creative, cute and cunning DiCaprio initially saw acting as the easiest way to make cash.  After doing some ads, the teenager landed parts in big soaps "Santa Barbara" and "Growing Pains".

In 1993 he hit the bigtime when Robert De Niro picked him out to play lead in the film "This Boy's life", a life-changing experience; "Watching De Niro on set, seeing his dedication, was one of the most influential experiences of my life", he said in an interview with "Time Out" and in 1995 he was called by the director Scott Kalvert  to play the main character  in the film "Basketball Diaries" because River Phoenix who was going to do this movie,  died before the filming started!


That same year, the 15-year-old was to take on another phenomenal role:  that of the mentally handicapped brother of Johnny Depps' character in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape";  he was, extraordinarily, nominated for an Academy Award -his first of many nominations.  In Baz Luhmann's "Romeo + Juliet" (1996) a punk adaptation of the Shakespeare romance, DiCaprio played leading man opposite Clare Danes and in James Cameron's "Titanic" (1997) he played the doomed Jack Dawson opposite actress  Kate Winslet.

It is to his credit that DiCaprio was not swept away by the  hype generated by the film.  His tongue-in-cheek part in Woody Allen's "Celebrity" (1998) was nicely timed, and although a couple of dud films followed, "The Man in the Iron Mask" (1998) and "The Beach" (2000), DiCaprio successfully emerged as much more than a "flash in the pan" Hollywood icon.


Steven Spielberg was the first to recognise DiCaprio's ability to play fictionalised real-life figures, casting him as teenage conman Frank Abagnale in "Catch me if you Can" (2001).  Yet it is his collaborations with director Martin Scorsese in which DiCaprio has excelled.

After 2002 historical drama "Gangs of New York" he played lead in Scorsese's biopic of the eccentric director and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes in "The Aviator" (2004).  In mobster movie "The Departed" (2006), Scorsese cast him as an undercover cop, and he played detective in the melodramatic thriller "Shutter Island" (2010).

Scorsese and DiCaprio work together again in the upcoming crime film "The Devil in the White City".

Other recent performances of note include that of a diamond smuggler in "Blood Diamond" (2006) and of a wimpish husband in domestic drama "Revolutionary Road" (2008).  In 2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street" he plays the obnoxious Jordan Belfort, and in one of his most memorable roles to date DiCaprio plays  "J. Edgar Hoover" in Clint Eastwood's 2011 biopic about the controversial FBI director.


It's an extraordinary Oscar-winning performance from Leonardo DiCaprio in Alejandro González Iñárritu's "The Revenant" (2015), a gruelling epic drama set in 1832.  DiCaprio plays real-life fur trapper Hugh Glass, who is left for dead in the Rocky Mountains when he is mauled by a bear.  DiCaprio, a nature lover, was put through his paces to make the film...which has received widespread critical acclaim!!


-POWERHOUSE:  fuerza motriz.
-OUTSIDER: forastero.
-CUNNING: listo.
-TO HIT THE BIG TIME:  tener un gran éxito.
-MENTALLY HANDICAPPED: disminuido psíquico.
-DOOMED: desafortunado.
-TO HIS CREDIT: en su favor.
-SWEPT AWAY: afectado.
-HYPE: bombo publicitario.
-TONGUE-IN-CHEEK:  irónico.
-DUD: malo, de mala calidad.
-FLASH IN THE PAN: flor de un día.
-CONMAN: timador.
-SMUGGLER: contrabandista.
-WIMPISH: tonto, con poca personalidad.
-OBNOXIOUS; odioso.


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