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Hi my dear friends, today here you can see a "fiction story" for you to read! I hope you'll like it!

Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy aquí tenéis  "una historia de ficción" para que leáis. ¡Espero que os guste!

From Speak Up magazine.

"JOANNA"  by  Nicola  Mabbot.

On paper, Robert was a dating agency's dream -he had a good stable job, he wasn't bad-looking and, of course, he was single.

And single was a word that haunted Robert.  Despite being successful in his career, he didn't seem to have much luck with women.  He suspected that the women he had dated we
re only inerested in him because he was rich and successful.  None of them ever had anything in common with him.  He was shy with women and tired of embarrasing silences, so he had almost given up on finding his Ms. Right.

One Friday two colleagues, Jake and Johnny, invited Robert to go for a drink in a pub in the town centre after work.  Robert didn't usually go out with them but that night, when they had asked him if he was coming, he found himself answering, "Why not?"

Later on they were drinking cold beer outside the King's Arms.  It was a pleasant summer evening around mid-July.  It had been a very hot day and the breeze was still warm.  But Robert wasn't really enjoying himself and was beginning to regret having agreed to come out.  On the other hand, Jake and Johnny were having a good time.  They had all had plenty to drink and his two colleagues were chatting to two girls.  But Robert didn't think much of the girl he was talking to.  In fact, he was quite bored and trying to think of an excuse to leave.

Just then another group of girls walked past their table.  As they stopped nearby one of the girls caught Robert's eye.  The wind gently blew her hair off her face.  She shone like a single star in the sky on a dark night.  He couldn't take his eyes off her.  Suddenly she looked down and caught him gazing at her.  He realized that he had been looking at her for too long and looked away quickley.

Somehow the group of girls got talking to Robert and his colleagues, and Robert found himself face to face with the girl, who introduced herself as Joanna.

"I haven't seen you here before.  Do you work at the hospital with Jake and Johnny?"  she asked.
"Yes, I'm a cardiologist,"  he replied. "What about you?"
"I'm a science teacher".

She was so easy to talk to, so unlike any other girl that Robert knew.  As she left, she gave him her mobile phone number.

Over the next few days Robert kept catching himself daydreaming about Joanna.  He hoped to see her again, but didn't want to appear too interested, so he decided to wait for Jake and Johnny to organise another night out at the King's Arms after work.

The opportunity arose the following Friday night.  Robert sent Joanna a text telling her he would be in the King's Arms if she wanted to join him.
"Yes, I'll see you at 8", was the answer.

This time it was a cold night.  A chilling wind had forced the drinkers inside the pub.  Joanna was in the pub when they walked in.  She was wearing the same black dress as the week before and she was with the same two friends.  He looked across the pub at her, anticipating a smile as she saw him.
But that night, being with Joanna just wasn't the same.
The look in her eyes was cold and unwelcoming, and the conversation was difficult.
Robert felt like ke'd just been woken up from a wonderful dream.  He thought that he must have only imagined the way Joanna's face had lit up when they were speaking the week before.  He left early, feeling very downhearted.

A week later, when his friends asked him if he was going out, Robert made an excuse and turned down their offer.  He went straight home from work.  His house seemed so big and empty.  As he was eating his microwave meal for one and feeling very sorry for himself, he received a message on his phone.
"The girl you met two weeks ago is here and asking about you! .Jake.

He hesitated for a minute before calling a taxi to take him to the King's Arms.  He was trying not to think about the strange experience the week before.  He wanted to make sure that he hadn't only imagined the girl from their first meeting.

Jake and Johnny were sitting outside and with them were the girls.  Joanna smiled radiantly as she saw him.
"Hello", he said.
She seemed to read his mind and laughed as she began, "You were here last Friday..."
He looked at her, puzzled.
"You saw Jessie."
"Who?"  he asked.
"Jessica.  She's my twin sister.  We're identical."
"I'm sorry,"  she went on, "please let me explain."

"The problem is that I haven't been on a date for two years...  You see, I had a terrible experience with my ex.  After a few weeks he started to scare me a bit. So I finished with him, but then he started stalking me."
There was still one thing that Robert didn't understand.
"So why did you send your sister?"  he asked.

"Well, I didn't want to lose the chance of getting to know you.  The first time my sister met my ex, she realizad immediately that something was wrong.  So I thought I would feel more comfortable if she met you and gave you the OK.  Can you forgive me?"


-DATING AGENCY:  agencia de citas.
-TO HAUNT:  perseguir.
-SHY: tímido.
-EMBARRASING:  embarazoso, violento.
-TO REGRET:  lamentar.
-TO CHAT:  conversar.
-TO SHINE:  brillar.
-TO GAZE: mirar.
-TO LOOK AWAY:  apartar la mirada.
-TO DAYDREAM:  soñar despierto.
-CHILLING:  helado.
-TO LIGHT UP:  iluminarse.
-TO TURN DOWN:  rechazar.
-TO HESITATE:  dudar.
-PUZZLED:  confundido.
-TWIN SISTER:  hermana gemela.
-TO STALK:  acosar.
-TO FORGIVE:  perdonar.



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