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Hi my dear friends, today we are going to know a bit more about these London's Hidden Museums such as "The Museum of Everything, The Hunterian Museum and The Cinema Museum. It's sure we haven't heard about them but they are very curious and interesting, too.
I hope you'll like it!

Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy vamos a saber un poco más sobre estos Museos Escondidos de Londres  de los que seguramente no hemos oído hablar y que son muy curiosos e  interesantes también  como El Museo de Todo, el Museo Hunterian y el Museo del Cine.
¡Espero que os gusten!

From: Speak Up magazine.


Expect the unexpected at the Museum of Everything.  This is a place of secret art, created by outsiders. Their first exhibition in 2009 was so successful that it went on an European tour!

There are three exhibitions on show.  One of the most recent was curated by Sir Peter Blake, the godfather of British Pop Art.

-Address:  Corner of Regents Park Road and Sharples Hall St, Camden.
-Entry:  Free, Wed to Sun, 11 am - 6 pm. Shows include drawings, paintings and sculptures.
-Nearest Underground station:  CHALK FARM.


John Hunter was  a famous surgeon in the 18th century in London.  He collected hundreds of animal specimens, including exotic lizards and kangaroos.  Today, his collection forms the basis of the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons.  You might need a strong stomach to visit the Hunterian.  Its macabre exhibits include countless rows of animal heads bones and teeth preserved in glass jars, alongside surgical instruments, wax anatomical models and human skeletons.

-Address:  Royal College of Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields.
-Entry:  Free, Tues-Sat, 10 am- 5 pm. There is a free guided tour every Wednesday at 1 pm.
-Nearest underground station:  HOLBORN.


The Cinema Museum will take you back to a time when "picture palaces"  offered pure escapism.  Its corridors are full of movie memorabilia, from old film posters to cinema seats, Art Deco carpets and doors, light fittings and usher's uniforms.

The museum is the result of one man's obsession, Ronal Grant fell in love with the movies as a child growing up in Scotland.  As a teenager he trained to be a projectionist and began collecting anything to do with film.

By the 1980s he had amassed so much material that he needed somewhere to display it!  Finally, the collection moved to the old Lambeth Workhouse in South London, where it is now open to the public. Charlie Chaplin stayed here as a child.

-Address:  The Master's House, 2 Dugard Way.
-Entry:  Adult 7 pounds, Fri-Mon.
-Nearest underground station:   Kensington or Elephant and Castle (10 minutes walk)


-GODFATHER: padrino.
-STUFFED: disecado.
-SURGEON: cirujano.
-LIZARD: lagarto.
-ROW: fila.
-LIGHT FITTING: instalación eléctrica.
-USHER: acomodador.



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