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Good morning my dear friends, today I want to share with you a very interesting article from a Spanish magazine called YO Dona  because I think people don't know  how important  learning other languages is not only for culture or  our work but for our brain!  So, pay attention please!

Buenos días queridos amigos, hoy quiero compartir con vosotros un artículo muy interesante de una revista española llamada YO Dona porque yo creo que la gente no sabe lo importante que es hablar otros idiomas no solo por cultura o por nuestro trabajo sino para ¡nuestro cerebro! Así que,  por favor, tomad nota.


Learning other languages is a tool to get  a job, to meet people or  to improve our creativity but there is much more!

Many  Spanish people spend a lot of their time on learning English, however, our level is quite low according to a Human Resources Company  Report called Randstad.

47% of the population says that can manage only in one language, the mother tongue;  35%  knows other one and only 18%  can speak two languages or more  despite the possibility of finding a job increases 44% if you speak other languages.  In fact, to speak English is essential if you want to apply for a job.

Moreover, a study has been done by a group of European Scientists  from Jyväskylä University, Finland, in 27 countries and finally they have demonstrated that to learn other languages is the basis to develop skills such as intelligence!

To become bilingual , trilingual or polyglotal  increases the capacity for processing complicated thoughts;  improve learning, creativity, mental flexibility and social abilities and it could slow down our mental ageing.

People who can speak languages are better at solving  difficult subjects or problems because when you are learning a new language, brain processes activate and modify the electrical activity of your brain.

People who are able to speak different  languages, model their brain and make it more connected because they are noticing what it is around them in a lot of ways and alternatives.

Dr Ellen Bialyostok, from York University in Canada, claims that if you  can speak other languages, you will solve important problems better and the best thing is that  you don't  have to  study many foreign languages, you obtain the advantages from the first one that you learn!

The Magazine "Nature" has published a hypothetical theory  about this that explains that adult people who are learning a second  language have got different zones into  their brains dedicated to each expression. However, bilingual children activate the same area for all of the expressions what demonstrates that a child can learn earlier and better than an adult person and for this reason adults always say that it's really difficult to learn no matter the subject.  But it is not impossible!

But, what does really happen into our brain? An investigation which has been done by scientists from Northwetern University, Chicago (USA) suggests that a structure called Heschl Circunvolution would be exactly the point where the ability to recognise new sounds is located.  Other structure, the left angle circunvolution is the one which is activated in bilingual children.

Conclusion:  You can educate and improve your brain even being an  adult and it is demonstrated that to learn other languages is one of the most useful  tools to get it!

So, don't be afraid no matter your age and LEARN OTHER LANGUAGES!  It will be useful and healthy for you!!



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