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JAMES DEAN /A CINEMA MYTH / James Dean / Un mito del cine

Hi my dear followers, today's reading is about a cinema myth, "James Dean" a very young actor who unfortunately died at the age of 24 when his career was just starting!
When James Dean died I wasn't born yet but in my agenda I have got his  photographs right now.  I have seen his films several times and I like him very much.   Nowadays you can find not only agendas but notebooks, folders, and books which have his face on them.  It was a pity! If he had lived more, his career would have been long and successful!  With only 24 he became a Hollywood icon! So, imagine... 

Hola mis queridos seguidores, la lectura de hoy es sobre un mito del cine "James Dean" un actor muy joven que desgraciadamente murió a la edad de 24 años cuando su carrera estaba empezando.
Cuando James Dean murió yo no había nacido todavía pero en mi agenda tengo sus fotografías hoy.  He visto sus películas varias veces y me gusta muchísimo.  Hoy en día se pueden encontrar no solo agendas sino cuadernos, carpetas y libros con su imagen.  ¡Fue una pena!  Si hubiera vivido más, su carrera habría sido larga y de éxito.  Con solo 24 años se convirtió en un icono de Hollywood.  Así que imagináos...

James Dean was born in a small town called Fairmount in Indiana (USA).  He was an only child and his mother died of cancer when she was only 29 years old . His father sent him away with his aunt and uncle who were farmers .  James Dean loved them very much but he never forgave his father for leaving him alone.

James Dean adored theatre, motorcycles and cars.  He was a very daredevil young man!

When James was 18, he decided to live with his father again in California.  He studied theatre in Los Angeles and he had some small roles on TV and in films.  In 1951, he decided to leave school to go to New York.

The first days in New York were very hard.  He felt alone and depressed! but he quickly found work.  And then, the director Elia Kazan gave him the role of his life in the film "East of Eden".

However, James loved speed and danger and he once told a friend: "Death is always there and I want to conquer it!"

In March 1954 he came back to Hollywood to work on "East of Eden".  Soon, he had a motorcycle and a sports car.  He loved to take his friends for fast rides and scare them. 

Love came to his life at that time too!  He fell in love with actress Pier Angeli and they wanted to marry but Pier Angeli's mother refused so she married another actor.  James Dean NEVER recovered!

"East of Eden" made Dean a star.  And the second film soon arrived.  In March 1955 he began "Rebel without a cause" with Nathalie Wood.  And  in June, a third  (and last) film  "Giant" with Liz Taylor.

James Dean received thousands of letters, he was followed and phtographed and he became very very nervous!

James Dean wanted a Porsche, so in September 1955, he bought a silver one.  He celebrated this fact at his favourite restaurant.  The actor Alec Guinnes was his friend and when he saw Dean's car said:  "Please, don't get into that car.  If you do, you will die"!   But Dean laughed.

One week later, on Friday September 30, James Dean and his mechanic were going to the races in Salinas.  Suddenly, a car turned left onto the highway in front of the Dean's Porsche which was running too quickly.  There was a terrible accident!
The mechanic survived but James Dean died instantly.  He broke his neck.

James Dean was buried in Fairmount, Indiana, on Saturday, October 8th, 1955.  But his photographs, his films and his legend live on!!

-CHILHOOD: niñez.
-TO MOVE: trasladarse.
-ONLY CHILD:  hijo único.
-DAREDEVIL:  atrevido.
-EVEN: incluso.
-TO FALL IN LOVE:  enamorarse.
-TO RECOVER: recuperarse.
-TO SCARE: asustar.
-SILVER: plata, plateado.
-BURIED: enterrado.
-HIGHWAY: autopista.
-ONTO:  sobre.



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