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Good morning my dear followers, today we are going to look at The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  I will give you some information about it  if you decide to visit to this lovely city and its famous bridge.

Buenos días queridos seguidores, hoy vamos a mirar a San Francisco.  Os daré información por si decidís visitar  esta encantadora ciudad y su famoso puente.

**YOU can walk, cycle or drive across one of the most famous bridges in the world.  It is situated on the north side of San Francisco, in California.

Spring or autumn.

There is an explanation for this:  in summer there is a heavy fog and it's almost impossible to see THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.  From May until September it can be very foggy.

In Winter it is raining a lot.

**THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO has a festival called The Golden Gate Bridge Fiesta to celebrate the opening of the bridge in 1937. 

**THE BRIDGE is 2.7 km long and weighs over 804 million kg. It was opened to public in 1937.

It is painted a colour called "international orange".

It's now the world's ninth longest suspension bridge.

It has six traffic lanes 75 metres above the water.

It has two towers that are 227 metres.

It has 1.2 million rivets (remaches) in the towers alone.

It has 129,000 kilometres of wire (alambre) in its main cables(cables).

It has a walkway on one side and a cycling lane on the other side.

It has toll booths (cabinas de peaje) on the south side that collect $85 million from motorists a year.

**ON TWO WHEELS.  In SAN FRANCISCO, at Pier 39, there are bike rental shops. A lot of people rent a bike and ride to the Golden Gate Bridge and go down to Sausalito which is a highly visited city.  Then you can take a ferry back to San Francisco.

**ON FOOT (a pie).  You can go and walk out onto the Bridge, you can touch it, you can feel it "moving".
There is a Recreation Area that surrounds the Golden Gate and has incredible viewpoints.

**THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE has appeared in many films.

**More than 100,000 people cross over the bridge every day and 200 people work to keep it safe and secure even from earthquakes (terremotos).

**SAN FRANCISCO city is a marvellous city to go and visit, so, don't think a lot and GO!!


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