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Hey my friends, I'm back!  I can only write with my left hand and so I write very slowly but today I'm going to post a very easy summer recipe for you to cook it !

¡Hey amigos, he vuelto!  Solo escribo con la mano izqda así que voy muy despacio pero hoy voy a publicar una receta de verano muy fácil para que la cocinéis.

EASY COOKING FOR BOYS AND GIRLS / cocina fácil para chicos y chicas
**STICKS OF PRAWNS AND MANGO / Brochetas de gambas y mango

*2 wooden sticks per person (this is to present the recipe, of course)/ 2 brochetas(palitos) de madera por persona.
*2 mangoes
*300 gr of  prawns (gambas) or Dublin bay prawns (langostinos)
*2 tomatoes
*sweet corn (maíz dulce)
*salt, olive oil, ground pepper (pimienta molida)

**Peel the mangoes and dice them (cortar en dados).
**Put into a pan (cazuela) a quarter of the mango pieces and 1dl of water.  Cook it softly for about 20 minutes on a low flame.
**Grill the rest of the mango pieces.
**After these 20 minutes cooking, add a teaspoonful of olive oil, a bit of salt and a little of ground pepper.
**Grind (triturar) the mix and you'll get "a mango sauce".

**Wash, peel and cut the tomatoes.  Grill them.
**Peel 300 gr of prawns and grill them too.

**Prepare the sticks as follows:
-1 grilled piece of tomato
-1 piece of mango

Serve like this:  the mango sauce on the bottom of your dish, put the stick on and the sweet corn next to it.


***A TRICK:  Instead of prawns, you can use pieces of chicken or turkey and pineapple or peach instead of mango.

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