miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

CURIOUS NEWS/ noticias curiosas

Hi everybody, here you are some curious news for you to read!
Hola a todo el mundo, aquí tenéis algunas noticias curiosas para que leáis.

In London, even the privately educated, such as Prime Minister David Cameron, are keen to (están deseando) show they're green /ecológicos) , healthy and economical by biking to work.  Now the latest hip (a la moda) hangouts (locales) in the city are not elegant restaurants or discos, but cafés in which you are expected to arrive by bike.  And also these places offer bike maintenance, it is to say:  a repair workshop (taller) and free bike parking!

**HOUSEHOLD ROBOTS (robots para los trabajos de la casa)
Programming robots to perform simple household tasks (tareas) is very difficult.  However, a robot has been launched on the market but it only can fold (doblar) towels (toallas) and its price is $400,000!  What a pity! It seems that we'll have to wait for a long time until we can see and use  a real, complete  household robot!

You can find a lot of tales (cuentos) and traditions concerning apples!  According to Irish folklore, if a lady peels(pelar) an apple into one long strip(tira) and throws the peel over her shoulder (hombro), it will form the first letter of her husband's name!  Try it! (intentadlo).

Bloody Mary (sanguinaria María)  is a popular beverage (bebida) in Great Britain.  It is a vodka and tomato juice coktail and it gets its name after 16th century English Queen Mary I, the daughter of King Henry VIII.  Mary Tudor returned the country to Catholicism and burned more than 300 protestants at the stake (en la hoguera).

The "in" drink in New York's coktail bars is French and its name is "St Germain Liqueur.  This alcoholic drink is made from elderberry (bayas de saúco) blossom (flores).  These flowers bloom (florecen) in the French Alps and only for a few weeks a year.  The liqueur has become the bestselling drink in the city.

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