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DOODLES AND GOOGLE / Los Doodles y Google / EASY ENGLISH / Inglés Fácil.

Hi my friends, I'm here again.  Today we're going to speak about DOODLES, these funny letters or drawings that appear when we open our computer. They  commemorate an event or special date and  Google invented them  some years ago.  We will know how the Doodles were invented and why!  Let's go!

Hola amigos, aquí estoy otra vez.  Hoy vamos a hablar de los DOODLES, estas divertidas letras o dibujos que aparecen cuando abrimos nuestro ordenador. Hacen  mención de  un acontecimiento o una fecha especial y  Google los  inventó hace algunos años.  Conoceremos cómo fueron inventados los Doodles y porqué. ¡Allá vamos!

From Speak Up magazine.

Corporate Fun

For many of us the working day begins when we go onto Google and enjoy the latest drawing or doodle on its home page.


These doodles are the changes to Google logo, and they mark cultural events, such as holidays, anniversaries or the lives of famous people.  There was a London Underground map to celebrate its 150th birthday;  during the London Olympics there was a new sport-related doodle every day and there was a similar football motif during the  World Cup.
If you look carefully, Google's six-letter name always appears somewhere in the illustration.


The idea started in 1998 when Google was still a very young company.  The company's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, invented an "out-of-the-office"  message to show that they had gone to the Burning Man Festival.  That was the first doodle.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1998 they added a turkey and for Halloween in 1999 two pumpkins replaced the o's in Google.  They discovered that users liked  changes to the clean Google logo.  Soon afterwards  Brin and Page asked a webmaster to create more doodles.  You may remember doodles for Monet, Picasso and Michelangelo in the early 2000s.


Doodles quickly became a regular event on the search  engine's home page.

The variety of subjects increased and the doodles became more intricate.  At first they were quite basic;  now they are frequently elaborate and beautiful.  In recent years some doodles have even become interactive.  For example, a giant zip to mark the 132nd  anniversary of the invention of the zip can be unzipped.
A Rubik's Cube can be solved  (or not)  online. 40 years after its invention, the Cube is still really difficult.


Google now has a full-time team of people inventing new doodles.  They are called "Doodlers".  Over 2,000 doodles have appeared since 1998.

Some people may argue that the doodles help to soften the internet giant's corporate image.
Others would say that they are artistic and provide a welcome start to the day.


**Gustav Klimt's famous "The Kiss"  painting to honour his 150th birthday (2012).

**Google in braille to mark Louis Braille's birthday (2006).

**A knitted doodle in Google's bright colours to mark the winter solstice.  The logo looks as if it has been made from wool  (2013).


Do you want to see all the Google doodles ever made?  If so, visit  www.google.com/doodles

Do you have an idea for a new doodle?  The team is open to new ideas!!!



DOODLE:  garabato.
TURKEY:  pavo.
PUMPKIN:  calabaza.
SOON AFTERWARDS:  poco tiempo despué.
SEARCH ENGINE:  buscador.
ZIP:  cremallera.
TO UNZIP:  abrir la cremallera.
TO ARGUE:  sostener.
TO SOFTEN:  suavizar, hacer más cercano.
WELCOME START:  inicio agradable.
TO  KNIT: hacer punto.



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