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A FICTION STORY / DREAMDATE.COM / Una historia de ficción.

Hi my dear friends, today here you can read a fiction story.  I hope you'll like it!!!

Hola mis queridos amigos,  aquí os dejo para leer una historia de ficción.  Espero que os guste.

From Speak Up magazine.

DREAMDATE.COM  by Charlotte Booth.

Antonella was unlucky with men.  She hoped Simon would be different.  She met him on  six months ago and she was about to meet him for the first time.  She was very nervous as she had heard internet horror stories about people not being what they seem, giving false information, 20-year-old photographs, being generally creepy, or even dangerous.  She was hoping he would be as charming as he came across online, but she was expecting a creepy, solitary weirdo.  If he was not, then that would be a bonus.

She arrived at the agreed tube station early so, she could see him arrive and decide whether to go through with the date.

When she saw him, exactly on time, she took her breath away.  He was beautiful.  He was tall, over 6 feet, with jet-black hair that curled slightly over his ears.  His skin was paler than it appeared in this dreamdate  profile picture, but it had an almost ethereal glow.  She knew he was the same age as her, but somehow he looked ageless.  She couldn't stop looking at him, and she watched, trance-like, as he approached.  She could feel the blush rise to her face, as Simon leant forward to kiss her cheek.  She felt an electric charge as his lips touched her cheek.  Her hand involuntarily went to the spot where his lips had touched.  She gave herself a mental telling-off : "Yes, he's attractive, but that doesn't mean he isn't an axe-murdering weirdo!"

They walked to the local pub, where Antonella ordered a bottle of Chianti with two glasses.  The barman gave her a strange look, and she assumed he was an old-fashioned type who believed the man should buy the drinks on a date.  She gave him the money and a nasty look before returning to their table.

Conversation flowed easily and Simon was exactly the same in person as he was online:  funny, intelligent, and he listened to her, a big change for Antonella, who always ended up on dates with guys that dominated the conversation.

They were getting to the bottom of their bottle of wine, so they ordered another, and a barbecue platter for two.  The barman totally ignored Simon, and spoke only to Antonella.  Maybe she looked hotter than she thought.

The pub was going to close soon and they had to leave.  At the station they were reluctant to say goodbye and they kissed.  It was unlike any other kiss Antonella had ever experienced.  His lips and breath were cool against hers, but the kiss was so powerful it lasted for both a minute and eternity.  It was literally breathtaking.  She walked through the ticket barriers, turning to wave a final goodbye but Simon was gone.

For the next few days Antonella was extraordinarily happy.  Simon was handsome, funny, intelligent, realiable and sensible.

However, after five days, she still hadn't heard from him.  She wondered what she had done to put him off.  Did she drink too much?  Did he find her boring?  With hindsight she didn't remember seeing Simon drink or eat very much at all.  That must be it!  She drank all the wine and ate all the food.  She kicked herself for being so stupid!

She logged onto the  website, hoping he had sent a message.  Her heart leapt.  She saw the most beautiful words in the English language:  SIMON  SENT  YOU A MESSAGE.

She opened the message with anticipation, nerves and excitement, but she wasn't ready for the news it held:

"I'm Simon's brother, and I have some sad news about Simon.  Last Thursday he was in a car accident and died from his injuries on Friday morning.  He told me he had planned to meet you.  He would have hated for you to be kept waiting, as he was always so reliable.  He was looking forward to meeting you".

Antonella read the message again, but the information did not register.  There was something wrong with the timing.

"If he died on Friday morning, we couldn't have met on Friday evening," she reasoned.
Slowly, things started to fall into place.  The ethereal appearance, the strange looks all night, the strange physical sensations.  To everyone else she had sat talking to herself, eating and drinking for two.
The only conclusion was that, despite dying, Simon had kept their date.  Now, that was a reliable guy!

While she was growing up, Antonella's mother had always said to her: "The only reliable man is a dead one!"  She hadn't wanted to believe it, but it seemed she was right!!!!

                                                                 THE  END
Did you like the story?
What do you think about?


-ABOUT TO:  a punto de.
-CREEPY:  inquietante.
-TO COME ACROSS:  dar la impresión.
-WEIRDO:  bicho raro.
-TO GO THROUGH WITH:  seguir adelante.
-6  FEET:  1,82 m.
-GLOW:  resplandor.
-TRACE-LIKE:  como en trance.
-BLUSH:  rubor.
-TO LEAN FORWARD:  inclinarse hacia delante.
-TELLING-OFF:  bronca.
-REALIABLE:  de confianza.
-TO PUT OFF:  desanimar.
-WITH HINDSIGHT:  en retrospectiva.
-TO LOG ONTO:  entrar, acceder.
-TO LEAP:  brincar.


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