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VOCABULARY /FOOD. Vocabulario/Comida

Hi my friends, today we're going to start with a bit of food vocabulary.
Hola amigos, hoy vamos a empezar con un poco de vocabulario de comida y para terminar un chiste.

People often miss their home cooking when they are travelling, today many food products can be found in supermarkets and quality food stores across Europe.
In England, for example, you can find excellent Parmesan cheese, Spanish "serrano" ham, French champagne, Spanish olive oil , etc.  if you know where to shop.

TERMINOLOGY / terminología.
KITCHEN EQUIPMENT / equipamiento de cocina.

-FREEZER:  congelador.
-CHEESE GRATER: rallador de queso.
-FRIDGE: frigorífico.
-FRYING PAN:  sartén.
-KETTLE: tetera (para hervir el agua).
-SCISSORS:  tijeras.
-LADLE: cucharón.
-MEAT MINCER:  picadora.
-POT: olla
-SIEVE: colador.
-TIN OPENER: abrelatas.
-WOODEN SPOON: cuchara de madera.

ON THE TABLE  /  en la mesa.
-BREAD BASKET:  cesta de pan.
-CROCKERY:  vajilla.
-CUP: taza
-CUTLERY: cubertería.
-FORK: tenerdor.
-SPOON: cuchara.
-KNIFE: cuchillo.
-MILK JUG: jarrita de leche.
-NAPKINS:  servilletas.
-SAUCERS:  platillos.
-TABLECLOTH:  mantel.
-TEA POT:  tetera.

Today, English cooking is clearly influenced by Indian and Oriental cuisine.  In the past it was influenced by French and, much earlier, by Roman culinary styles. 

ANIMALS AND MEAT  / animales y carne.
Si vais a comprar o estáis en un restaurante, tenéis que pedir con el siguiente vocabulario, es decir, con el nombre de la carne y no del animal en cuestión.
-BEEF:  buey               
-VEAL:  ternera
-PORK: cerdo
-MUTTON: cordero.
-VENISON:  venado
-CHICKEN: pollo.

The Normans who invaded England spoke Norman French and while animals retained their Anglo-Saxon names, the language of the invaders was used to describe the meat.  If you go to the butcher's you can't ask for "pig" but for "pork".

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT / eres lo que comes
A low-fat, cholesterol-free, vitamin-packed diet consisting of fresch organic food with a high average fibre content may be accepted as the healthiest nutritional regime today, but this hasn't always been the case.

-LOW-FAT:  bajo en grasa.
-CHOLESTEROL-FREE: sin colesterol.
-VITAMIN-PACKED: enriquecido con vitaminas.

WHAT'S COOKING? What to do in the kitchen
¿Qué es cocinar? Qué hacer en la cocina.

Do you like your fish grilled or poached (escalfado)? Before answering, read the following cooking methods.

-BAKED: al horno.
-GRIDDLED: a la plancha.
-BOIKED: hervido
-FRIED: frito.
-GRILLED: gratinado.
-POACHED: escalfado.
-ROASTED: asado.

BON APPÉTIT!   ¡Qué aproveche!

TO BE CONTINUED... (continuará...)

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