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Hi my friends, from this lovely village which is San Rafael (Segovia) where I'm spending this long weekend, I want to tell you about "special markets".
Hola amigos, desde este pueblo encantador que es San Rafael (Segovia) donde estoy pasandoeste puente, quiero hablaros sobre "mercados especiales".

What is a market?  If I ask you this question many of you can answer that a market is a place where there are a lot of stands and where you can go and buy all kind of fresh vegetables and fruit, meat , fish, etc. And you'll be right but nowadays in our cities we are experimenting other kind of modern and fashioable markets in which you can not only go shopping but have breakfast or lunch or simply have a drink with your friends!

These new markets are nice and very pleasant places with a "gourmet"gastronomy and really beautiful buildings which is another reason to visit them.

I will recommend you some of these international markets as a suggestion for your travels!
**THE SAN MIGUEL MARKET.  A lovely place  in a recently restored building which combines a new concept of leisure, luxury, gastronomy, fresh  and first quality products. Really beautiful! It's "a must" if you are a tourist or if you are living in the city too!
For molre info:  http://www.mercadodesanmiguel.es/

**"THE BOQUERÍA MARKET" whose origins come from the XIIth century, is "a must" if you go to Barcelona.  Marvellous vegetables, fruit and flowers stands combined with its bars which offer a wide range of typical Spanish food.  Don't miss it!

**PORTOBELLO MARKET.  Although it is not a  market inside a building, I want to recommend it because it is a lovely place too.  An outdoor market, in Portobello Road, Notting Hill district, is a colourful street market with an enormous variety of stands where you'll find the most beautiful flowers and the best fruit and vegetables.  Also, visit the shops and boutiques that are next to it, they have a typical Brittish and vintage style! The tube station is "Knitghsbridge" just opposite Harrods store.  Then a pleasant walk until Portobello
 market is a real pleasure.  If you go to London, don't miss it!

**Since 1880, THE SALUHALL MARKET mixes its stands with restaurants.  It opens at midday and you will find there the best products too.  It is situated inside  a restored building with a typical Swedish architecture. Summer is the best season to go to.  This Nordic city is really beautiful!

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