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To continue with  MUCH and MANY, I suppose you have found out the answers but if not, I'm going to explain them now.
MUCH and MANY are quantifiers and their meaning in Spanish is:  MUCHO/A  MUCHOS/MUCHAS, so the theory that you usually study at school about countable and uncountable words, please, if you want to use them well, forget it!

You must only think of singular or plural names and write or say Much or Many depending on the word.
For example:   Do you have much cheese in the fridge?  Yes, I do.
There are many things to do today.
There is much time to study the lesson.
I haven't got many books to read this month.
Did you buy many clothes yesterday?  Yes, a lot.

Now, please, do this exercise to practice.
Write in the blanks  MUCH or MANY.

- There isn't ________ bread at home.
- We have studied ________ subjects this year.
- Lisa has got ______ cake to eat.
- Has Peter bought ______ coke?  Yes, he has bought ________.
- There are _______ students in the class but not ________ chairs.
- We have to drink _______ water every day.
- I don't like to watch _______ television.

* Of course, I have to say that all the derived words of Much and Many have to be used in the same way, it is to say:  how much/ how many,  too much / too many, etc.  You will always write MUCH for singulars and MANY for plurals (es decir, usaremos siempre  MUCH delante de nombres singulares y MANY delante de plurales. No os volváis locos pensando si el nombre es contable o incontable, así es mucho más fácil).


NOW, READ THIS TEXT (with a dictionary if you need it) and answer the questions.

                                        A TRAVELLER'S TALE
In the autumn of 1935, when I was a young man, I was travelling in the north-west of India.  One evening, after hunting in the forest all day, I was returning alone to the place where I had put up my tent.  It was getting dark, and I was walking along a narrow path.  On my right was a wide river;  on my left, a thick, dark forest.
Suddenly I saw two green eyes looking at me from among the trees.  A man-eating tiger was getting ready to jump on me.
What could I do?  Should I jump into the river and hope to save my life by swimming?
I looked to the right.  In the river there was an immense crocodile waiting to welcome me with its mouth wide open.
I was so frightened that I shut my eyes.  I heard branches moving as the tiger jumped.  I opened my eyes
What do you think had happened?
The tiger had jumped right over me and was now in the jaws of the crocodile.  That's a true story, beleive it or not!!


- Where was this man travelling?
- What had he been doing all day?
- Had he any friends with him or was he alone?
- What did he suddenly see looking at him?
- What was this animal getting ready to do?
- What did the traveller see when he looked to his right?
- Would it be wise to jump into the river?
- Why did the man shut his eyes?
- When the man oepned his eyes, what did he see?
- Do you believe this story?



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